What is CrossFit Roscoe?


CrossFit Roscoe was founded with one goal in mind: To cut through the tremendous amount of conflicting information out there on fitness, training, and nutrition, and provide simple yet incredibly effective customized programs to help athletes of all levels meet their goals.


Our focus is the unconventional - We believe, with COMMITMENT everyone has the potential to be an athlete. We specialize in training busy people with ambitious goals but limited time, sport-specific high school and collegiate athletes, triathletes and endurance athletes.


With your commitment and proven fundamentals of sports science, exercise physiology, nutrition and athletic training protocols we will get you to your health and fitness goals.


CrossFit – How do I start?

Heather & Adam discuss how to get started at CrossFit Roscoe!

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Gluten De-Bunked

Gluten De-bunked.  As promised, this is a short post breaking down the article we posted yesterday from Whole 9. Gluten-free diets are trendy. We can’t get around it. They are spreading like wildfire and everyone is getting caught up in them. But why is this happening and is it worth all the hype? I want to start out by looking at a few basic questions.  What is gluten and why is it so harmful? We cannot begin to look at this question if we do not know what gluten inherently is or what it does to our body. So, lets take a look! Gluten is a protein comprised of two parts that is found in several grain products, it gets most of its notoriety from the infamous WHEAT (insert screams of horror). The two proteins within gluten are prolamin and glutelin. If we think back to high school … [Read More...]


The Big Oak Blog

WOD (Word Of the Day) meliorism: the belief that the world tends to improve and that humans can aid its betterment Tips and Thoughts for this week's Strength before the WODs MONDAY Power Cleans  These will be done consecutively. Hit a perfect power clean and then drop the bar. Think about the lift you just performed (what went well, what you could do better, any cues the coach just gave you) approach the bar and hit another power clean -this will amount to about 7-10 seconds of rest between each clean. One set is 4 reps in a row. Here is a good video to help with prep for the cleans. We need to have good rotation and shoulder placement on the clean. TUESDAY Deadlift with a tempo of 21x1 These deadlifts must be performed with 2 seconds moving slowly down, … [Read More...]

Free Saturday Class Flyer copy

Free Community Workout This Saturday!

Come check out our FREE Community Workout THIS Saturday at 9:30AM!  You will be introduced to the basic strength movements along with learning basic mobility and getting experience with many of the conditioning movements such as kettlebell swings, slamballs, wallballs, rope climbs, push ups, pullups, and ring rows.  Contact us at (815) 762-1117 or at info@crossfitroscoe.com for more information!!       … [Read More...]


CrossFit Strongman Trainer Course – Jan 17, 2015 @ CrossFit Roscoe

This one-day course is for athletes and coaches who want become more proficient with strongman movements. The typical strongman competition consists of five events in one day, and each event is less than 60 seconds. This is a perfect – and fun – way for CrossFitters to increase strength without using a barbell. Because of the often-awkward size, shape and consistency of the objects in strongman, the lifts tend to have less efficiency than those done with a barbell. These loads challenges the neuromuscular system in a way a barbell cannot and better mimic challenges found outside the gym. Participants learn to lift Atlas stones, carry a yoke and farmers handles, flip tires, and clean and press odd objects such as a log, keg, anvil or stone at their relative level of strength. Additional … [Read More...]