What is CrossFit Roscoe?


CrossFit Roscoe was founded with one goal in mind: To cut through the tremendous amount of conflicting information out there on fitness, training, and nutrition, and provide simple yet incredibly effective customized programs to help athletes of all levels meet their goals.


We specialize in training busy people with ambitious weight loss goals but limited time, and sport-specific, athletes, triathletes and endurance athletes.


Recent Posts

hono Football


CrossFit Roscoe is excited to announce that we will be offering a unique opportunity for athletes in 6-8th grades to gain power, speed, strength, mobility, and conditioning in their off-season. The early stages in a child’s training career are the most important because it sets the foundation for what they’re able to achieve later … [Read More...]


Totally 80s Crippler

We are honored to host the Totally 80s Crippler. Are you new to CrossFit? Or do you just enjoy competing and working out? This is for you! Check out the event page here: http://crpplr.com/CrossFitRoscoe/  We also have an informational facebook event page: FACEBOOK The Totally 80s Crippler is a “3 WODs and Final” … [Read More...]


Free Community Workout This Saturday!

Come check out our FREE Community Workout THIS Saturday at 9:30AM!  You will be introduced to the basic strength movements along with learning basic mobility and getting experience with many of the conditioning movements such as kettlebell swings, slamballs, wallballs, rope climbs, push ups, pullups, and ring rows.  Contact us at … [Read More...]